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Boodai Cargo provides state of the art warehousing facilities, be it that you have full containerized shipment or partial shipments we can accommodate your request with a professional warehousing team at your service.

Our professional team can also serve your business by segregating your cargoes per store and deliver it your directly to your point of sales ready to sell.

by using our services you can save the costs of residencies, Insurance, labors, drivers and warehousing employees as we can accommodate your needs whenever you need them and as many times as you need them.

Different than other warehousing companies as below:
 Possibility to work 7 days a week.
 Flexibility in storage space timings, daily, monthly or yearly.
 Palletizing, shrink wrapping upon customer request.
 Labeling for personalized shipments.
 Pick & Pack services.
 Cross docking operations.
 Labeling services for food stuff products.
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