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Wellness, Spa & Naturopathic Detoxification

We offer you various world-wide packages at our Spa-rehabilitation centers and hotels located in Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Thailand and other places. Our experts with their in-depth knowledge of modern technology and materials have developed on extensive array of treatments involving physiotherapy, balneology, climatic healing and wellness with eye to replenish human vitality while rejuvenating the body, mind and soul.

It is natural cleansing process of human organism by eating healthy food, doing exercises, making relaxation and undergoing procedures focused on cleansing body in one of our proficiently Spa's, drinking adequate amount of water from the thermal fountain also known as elixir of Youth, helps to improve not only your health but also helps to enhance your beauty.

Medical Services

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About Us

We have exceptional agreements with the highest qualified hospitals and medical centers in (Germany, England, Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech, Turkey, Thailand, Dubai and USA). We recommend the most advanced medical consultancy & treatment for our patients and provide them with all the up to date technologies with reasonable prices.
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Medical Tourism Company

Medical Services We Offer:

Individual Treatments.
Medical offers within 48 Hours.
Payment Management in Kuwait (in KD).
Verification of invoices...etc.
Home care services.

Main Medical Areas:

Plastic Surgery and many others...
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